Tire House in Nevada

The House:

I am planning on building an experimental house in Lovelock NV.

A 20' x 20' square 9' foundation built of earthpacked tires
The three walls are mostly burmed in. with partial burmed in south wall, with some windows. Stucco over the interior tire walls paneling on aluminum stud walls for other walls. the whole house will only be about 400 sq ft. 9’ walls I would like a green roof, on the roof, so I think the slope of the roof will be a relatively shallow slope, so there might not be room for the attic space, so it's mostly just a foundation with a green roof on top. Insulated metal shutters that can close over windows to insulate them, or louver out to provide shade, also very strong to prevent damage to windows from winds, vandalism etc..

Electrical: All solar, probably only between 400W - 1000W system, and as much DC appliances, and lighting as possible, inverter, battery charger, several batteries. a lot like an RV would be wired.

Plumbing: A small bathroom directly behind kitchen sink. a large clean water storage tank above bathroom with an insulated inlet from outside. greywater pipe, for all drains leading to a outdoor garden. composting toilet. very small amount of plumbing. Rainwater collection, 500-1000 gallon fresh water storage container above bathroom, overflow to a 10-40 thousand gallon fresh water pond made with a pond liner. Water filter, and possible distiller on kitchen sink, greywater irrigation, Composting toilet.

Appliances: Heat and cooking will be provided by a wood burning cook stove. Part of the heating is the south facing windows. Also a solar oven in kitchen under a window or skylight will be used for most cooking. for AC there will be a cooling tube, it’s a tube laid in the ground for maybe 20-30 feet, and then an opening, and then some type of vent or high window that can open, and the air will go through the tube, and out the high vent to cool, most of the cooling will be from the earth, which is one of the reasons for it all being so underground. Solar water heater will be under an insulated window allowing it to not need antifreeze very small only for a small shower in the daytime when it's hot.

I would like the roof joists to all be metal, with sheet steel on that, with the membrane and then the green roof built up on top of that. I don't want any wood anywhere, only metal, concrete, and perhaps some plastics or composite materials, no mold, no mildew, no rot. Interior walls with plumbing will have panels that open to provide full access to all plumbing.

The land is off by itself so it will be completely off grid, no utility connections of any kind, and there is about 9 miles of dirt road leading to the property. I would like to do as much of the work myself as possible; I've framed houses and done quite a bit of other construction.